Ransom DDoS (RDoS)

A Growing Threat

Understanding the threat of digital extortion

Ransom Distributed Denial of Service (RDoS) attacks combine the destructive tactics of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks with ransom demands, representing a growing threat to modern businesses. By strategically crippling digital infrastructures and demanding payment for their restoration, these attacks pose a serious risk to the security, reputation and financial viability of organizations. This guide explores in detail the nature of RDoS, examines their potential consequences, and suggests methods for effectively countering them.

Ransom DDoS

Understanding RDoS

RDoS attacks are orchestrated by cybercriminals who use networks of infected machines, or bots, to generate an overloaded volume of traffic to target systems.

Impact of RDoS on businesses

A successful RDoS attack can have devastating consequences for a company, ranging from the interruption of critical services to direct financial losses due to the unavailability of business operations.

Prevention and Response Strategies

Businesses need to adopt a layered defense strategy to protect against RDoS...